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Ultrasound Viewer

0.99 usd

The only app in the world that lets you view and share your pregnancy ultrasound scan any time, anywhere.Have fun viewing it from every angle, rotating panning and zooming to see your babies features and share with your family and friends via Facebook and Twitter!
Pregnant? Thinking of getting a 3D or 4D ultrasound scan? This exciting app for parents-to-be lets you capture and share your 3D 4D Ultrasound scan in a magical new way.
Once uploaded, you can customise your scan with a background colour and skin colour of your choice.
You can view your scan at any time. Use the pan, rotate and zoom options to view your baby’s features and expressions from any angle. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your new baby.
Want to share it with family and friends? Click the Facebook or Twitter icons to post a link to your profile page. Viewers will be able to see an image of your scan and can then use the app to share in your truly magical experience.
Download the app now.
Features:• you can upload as many 3D or 4D scans as you choose• you can change the colour of the background as well as skin colour• you can pan and rotate the image to view your baby from any angle• you can zoom in to view your baby’s features close up• your scan can be shared on Facebook or Twitter• family and friends can download the app and use your login details to view your new addition.
How to get started:• find an approved ultrasound clinic from the list on our website that provides the App service.• attend your scan appointment• the clinic will upload the scan for us to process• you will be sent an email with login details and links to download the app• login to view your scan together with gallery examples• post your login details to Twitter and Facebook with links to the Google play so they can download the app.